Das open bath Servicekit für die alten Fox Federgabeln ist wieder verfügbar!

Manitou Evolver Air shock service


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Oil loss on the adjuster? Smacking noise in the cushioning? Then this service is just right for you. Damper service Maintenance on Manitou Evolver Air damper including all seals.
Details about this product:

The service is carried out in the following steps:

- tested and professionally disassembled upon acceptance
- Cleaned in an environmentally friendly way with the Bio-circle cleaning device
- gets the latest generation of seals and damping oil
- gets newly developed separating piston with quad ring
- professionally assembled and tested

What products are used for the service?

Seal kits are the heart of every service. Our service kits are not replicas of the original - we raise the bar! An example of this is the consistent use of square rings as dynamic seals. Smacking or a missing lockout function are among the most common reasons for servicing dampers - nitrogen has entered the oil chamber via the separating piston seal. If you compare an original, frequently used O-ring with the quad ring we use, you won't be surprised.


For this service, we install specially developed tuning seals and separating pistons with quad rings to improve performance, tightness and durability. We give a 6-month guarantee on function and tightness on all seals and assemblies. Since no seals from the manufacturer Fox are used, this manufacturer does not provide any warranty for this maintenance.


• Pack the fork or shock with the invoice and cover letter and send it to us (don't forget your phone number and email address)
• upon arrival we will send an email confirming receipt and the current processing time
• we carry out maintenance and a functional check
• Payment is possible with Paypal or bank transfer
• After receipt of payment we will send the damper back with DHL

The seals for this service are installed exclusively as part of the service and are not freely available for sale.

If your damper model is not listed here, you can send us an inquiry with the model name.

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