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Damper maintenance

We at Rad & Dämpferklinik Berlin have been offering a comprehensive service for spring elements and damping systems for all types of bicycles (mountain bikes, trekking and touring bikes) for a long time. We use simple language so that all our customers can understand our services.

The parts on a mountain bike that absorb shock and ensure safety while riding are the suspension forks and shock absorbers. These components have to withstand extreme loads and weather conditions because they spring in and out several times per second. They must withstand rain, mud, sand and temperature changes.
Your bike's suspension forks and shock absorbers need regular care to avoid excessive wear and tear and malfunctions. Seals and wipers as well as the damping and lubricating oil wear out, which impairs their performance. Only regular maintenance ensures a long service life and reliable function of your suspension elements.

We are the perfect contact for all questions and difficulties with suspension forks and shocks.

What do we do with this service?

If accepted, the suspension will be tested and professionally disassembled.
With the environmentally friendly cleaning device from Bio-Circle it is gentle
and professionally cleaned and checked for possible damage.
It also receives new, latest generation seals
and new guide bushings if necessary.
Topping up with new lubricating and damping oil ensures perfect function.
Finally, the suspension is professionally installed and checked again.

How is the process?

Please pack the suspension fork together with a short accompanying letter describing the defect that occurred and send it to us.
Please provide us with your full address including telephone number and email address.
We will send you a confirmation of receipt by email with the current processing time and a cost quote for any seals used.
After order confirmation, we will carry out maintenance and a functional check.
The invoice will be emailed as a PDF and payments can be made using the providers below.
After receiving payment, the suspension fork will be sent back with DHL.

How long does the service take?

We always have seals and lubricants in stock for most popular suspension fork models to reduce waiting time to 5-10 business days.

Which seals do you use?

We use both the original seals from the manufacturers and tuning seals from brands such as Racingbros, Fast, SKF and Dämferklinik.


We guarantee a 6-month guarantee on the function and tightness of our seals.


Service for suspension forks including all seals
and maintenance of the damping cartridge from €159 - €199 depending on the model.

Service for dampers including all seals and maintenance of the damping cartridge from €119 - €199 depending on the model.

In order to be able to give a price idea, you are welcome to send us an email with the model name and/or photos and we will then send you a binding service offer.

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