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Fox Suspension Fork Service Kit: Fox Float 32mm Open Bath R/RL/RLC/Terralogic Vanilla Talas 1-4

BSB (Bicycle Suspension Berlin) Oliver Perleberg

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Fox Kit: Cartridge Seals, Forx, 32mm Open Bath R/RL/RLC Vanilla Talas 1-4 for full service on all Fox forks with open bath damping cartridges.

Fox Float R
Fox Float RL
Fox Float RLC
Fox Vanilla R/RL/RLC
Fox Float Terralogic
Fox Talas 1-4 (Talas service kit 803-00-377 required)

Included in the delivery are:

1x seal kit 803-00-078 with Fox FLOAT Fluid air chamber OIL

1x 250ml damping oil from Motorex

2x dust wipers

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