Das open bath Servicekit für die alten Fox Federgabeln ist wieder verfügbar!

Fox Float RP23 shock maintenance service within 48 hours


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Loss of oil on the damper in the area of ​​the prop pedal lever? Is there smacking in the cushioning? Is the pressure level not working? Then this service is ideal for you. We offer maintenance and repairs for Fox Float RP23 shocks including all seals and a brand new separator piston.

The damper service is carried out in the following steps:

After acceptance, the shock absorber is tested for function and professionally disassembled.
This is followed by environmentally friendly cleaning using the Bio-circle cleaning device.
For optimization, the shock absorber receives the most modern tuning seals as well
Damping oil and a new separating piston whose quad ring seal guarantees the highest quality.
The nitrogen chamber is filled and adjusted if necessary (boost valve tuning).
Finally, the shock absorber is professionally assembled and subjected to a final functional test.

What products are used for the service:

Seal kits are the heart of every service. Our service kits are not copies of the original - we raise the bar! An example of this is the consistent use of square rings as dynamic seals. Smacking or missing lockout functions are among the most common reasons for dampers to be repaired - nitrogen has entered the oil chamber via the separating piston seal. If you compare a commonly used conventional O-ring with the quad ring we use, the difference is immediately noticeable.


We improve the performance, tightness and durability of this service by using our specially developed tuning seals and separating pistons with quad rings. We guarantee a 6-month guarantee on the function and tightness of all seals and assemblies.


You can either pack your damper and send it to us accompanied by a cover letter (don't forget to include your telephone number and email address) or conveniently book it here in the shop and enclose the order confirmation in the package.
Once we receive your damper, we will send you an email confirmation with the current processing time.
We carry out comprehensive maintenance and functional checks.
Payment can be made, for example, via PayPal or bank transfer.
After receiving payment we will send the damper back to you with DHL.

If your damper model is not listed here, you can send us an inquiry with the model name or pictures.

You can reach us by phone, email, chat or contact form.


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