For nearly 30 years, Ellsworth Bikes has been designing and manufacturing bicycles with roots in the mountain bike culture that developed in Southern California in the late 1980s. Ellsworth Bikes is known for its uncompromising full-suspension mountain bikes that offer greater traction, control and efficiency, resulting in an unparalleled riding experience.

Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles was founded in 1991 by Tony Ellsworth in his garage with the passion and desire to build bikes in America with the highest level of American components. Known for their ride quality, Ellsworth's full suspension bikes feature the unique and patented Instant Center Tracking (ICT) suspension, first patented by Tony in 1993. Today, the ICT has evolved into the Active Energy Efficient Suspension (AEES), which still features the pedal-efficient kinematics and handling of the original ICT, but now features improved ride characteristics, stiffer handling and current geometries that today's professionals and enthusiasts are looking for .


Truth's active suspension is designed to be always active. It always reacts to uneven floors and dampens them (compresses and springs back). She is constantly working to create better contact with the ground to improve traction and control. The suspension is always on duty so you can go further, faster and with less fatigue. The suspension must be fully active. In other words: it has to work constantly if it is to have a positive impact on the driving experience.

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